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December 13, 2015

SILO is a restaurant, bakery, brewery and coffee house located in Brighton (UK). You can experience their great ideas at 39 Upper Gardner Street in Brighton.

Zero Waste Restaurant by SILO.

A topic that is gaining importance in the food world is creating a food system that generates zero waste. This new genre in food culture starts with restaurants like SILO; a restaurant/bakery/coffee house in Brighton (UK). Trying to achieve zero waste SILO discovered primitive food systems that not only support the package-free lifestyle, but also a way of preparing food from its purest form. SILO provides quality through purity, adopting a more primitive diet using both modern and ancient techniques. Waste production has been eliminated by trading directly with farmers and using local ingredients that can be used completely.

The interior is designed around an aerobic digester which can generate up t0 60 kg of compost in juist 24 hours. This machine turns all of the scraps and trimmings directly into compost used to produce more food, therefore, closing the loop. Dishes come served on plates made from recycled bags. Toilets are flushed with waste from the coffee machines.

Words by SILO Brighton, Sprout.
Photography by SILO Brighton.

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