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January 10, 2016

Layer is the evolution of leading design agency Benjamin Hubert Ltd (London).

From app design and wearables to smart domestic appliances, fast moving consumer goods, and intelligent furniture systems, they create products that meet the demands of tomorrow today.

Worldbeing by Layer.

A wearable for the world.

Layer looks to the future to discern the tools consumers will need to thrive in a changing world. Worldbeing is a self-directed wearable and app supported by the Carbon Trust that tracks carbon usage, empowering consumers to make better decisions and driving real change. Layer has envisioned a tool with the potential to enable a community of likeminded users to inspire a movement and transform the world.

The wearable on your wrist could measure everything, from the food you eat, the items you purchase, the kind of transport you take and the amount of energy you use in your home. This information will be linked to your smartphone or tablet, so instant visual feedback can be given. To encourage wearers to better their carbon facts, the app will offer rewards, for example discounts at local businesses.

Layer hopes to encourage a meaningful conversation around the personal responsibility to make lifestyle changes to stop global warming.

Words by Layer Design, Sprout.
Photography by Layer Design.

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