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Weed Beautification by Sarah Linda Forrer - Sprout Magazine


January 10, 2016

Sarah-Linda Forrer is a material, textile and product designer based in Amsterdam. With her very intuitive and experimental way of working she searches for new beauty and attractive tactility. She strives to ennoble the raw, pure and forgotten, nature being her biggest source of inspiration.

Weed Beautification by Sarah Linda Forrer.

Often seen as undesirable weeds, many local wild growing plants have medicinal and healing properties. Those uses were known and applied centuries ago but nowadays, common drugs and cosmetic products have replaced those plants, and we have mostly forgotten about their useful properties.

Weed Beautification is exploration of the possibilities that three selected local weeds (Yarrow, Comfrey and Plantain) offer in the fields of skincare and beautification. Sarah-Linda Forrer re-explored the healing and regenerating properties of these plants by creating salves, oils and scrubs, extracting the healing and beautifying powers to apply it onto the skin.

To ennoble these weeds and the process of creating skin healing substances, she has designed a ritualistic collection of vessels and tools out of stone and bronze, to prepare the herbs for use in luxurious, pure and natural skin care products.

Text by Sarah Linda Forrer, Sprout.
Photography by Sarah Linda Forrer.

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