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April 29, 2016

Syr Restaurant is initiated by the Gys Foundation in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The Gys Foundation is a platform for sustainable and social entrepreneurship which connects entrepreneurs and young professionals to join forces to make a positive contribute to a social issue. Everybody has his own specialty, like business administration, development sociology, communication, hospitality, humanistic studies, graphic design, philosophy, religious studies and cultural anthropology. With Syr, the Gys Foundation is setting up a citizen initiative that is based on own initiative, creativity and joint entrepreneurship, independent of government subsidies.

Restaurant Syr.

Soon to be opened restaurant Syr will be introducing Syrian cuisine and hospitality to Utrecht (the Netherlands) – the restaurant creates job opportunities for (Syrian) refugees. Their staff will be able to acquire (new) work-related skills while getting familiar with Dutch language, culture and work ethics – Syr will help newcomers to connect to the community and take part in society.

In the restaurant you will be able to taste delicious Syrian dishes, prepared with mainly local and organic produce. Profit goes back into the project and towards the support of students and starting entrepreneurs with a refugee background.
Syr restaurant will become a place where old and new inhabitants of Utrecht meet and get to know each other. Next to the beautiful food Syr will also serve as a platform for sharing culture, arts and information.

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