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May 16, 2016

Tastemakr is a platform curating the best craft and street food, founded by London-based Anthony O-Thomas. The website will be launched in 2016.

Online food platform by Tastemakr.

Tastemakr curates the best craft and street food made by local, independent taste makers. On their soon to be released online platform, Tastemakr helps food lovers discover authentic food and drinks from people in their city. It is like a marketplace for everyday groceries and street food, made by the best independent cooks and small local brands. From handmade doughnuts, smoked salmon, pressed juices to wood fired pizza.

Tastemakr was conceived in response to the barriers between independent food makers and food lovers. Founder Anthony O-Thomas noticed a growing demand for hand crafted food on one side while on the other hand independent food makers are looking to get deals with large retail stores in order to survive. Tastemakr seems to be the missing link, connecting making life easier for both parties.

Text by Sprout.
Images by Tastemakr.

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