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December 28, 2015

Studio Michael Anastassiades is a Londen based studio, launched in 1994. The studio’s philosophy is a continuous search for eclectism, individuality and timeless qualities in design. Positioned between fine art and design, his work aims to provoke dialogue, participation and interaction.

Floating Forest Series by Studio Michael Anastassiades.

Spring’s first green buds will sprout in this new series of brass items called Floating Forest, designed by Studio Michael Anastassiades. Michael captures the first few steps of the germination process. The series consist of five hand-made objects, the mobile, the clip, the cone and the seesaw. The seed is placed above the surface where it is encouraged to grow. The objects, made out of polished brass.

“A few years ago I saw an acorn vase by Estrid Ericson, produced by Svenskt Tenn. I loved the simple poetry of an object of that nature, growing a single acorn. It was the hope for early spring, especially coming from a country with such heavy and dark winters,” says Michael.

“I became obsessed with the simple idea of suspending a seed on the surface of water; submerged, just to the right level for it to germinate. All with the possibility of being able to support itself in the absence of soil, that would allow it to stand upright; exposed, all in clear view.”

Words by Michael Anastassiades, Sprout.
Photography by Virgile Thevoz.

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