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April 16, 2016

‘Celebrating at the table’ is a kitchen accessory set by Magda Majnusz.

The set consists of:

– pastry board that could be also used as a cutting or serving board as it has removable dowels
– rolling pin with removable handle
– set of round knives that allow to cut dough straight, wavy or zigzag
– holders for the knives
– board that is used for storage and organising items
– potholder that is made of 9 cubes with cookie stamps underneath
– board with mortar and pestle
– stick that helps to spread liquid dough

Each item is made of type of wood that matches its function (e.g. board with mortar and pestle is made of beech wood that is very hard). Set is impregnated with walnut oil.

Celebrating at the table by Magda Majnusz.

Hand made tools for hand made food.

Celebrating at the table is a set of wooden kitchen accessories designed and created by Magda Majnusz. This project celebrates craft, combining traditional wood processing methods with craft methods for preparing food. The tools can be used to make Pierogi, a traditional Eastern European dish. Organising a festive dinner can sometime feel stressful – the host is focused on the task of preparing a delicious meal in such a way that it interferes with the social aspect. Giving each person a small task makes them feel welcomed, purposeful and connected. Different tasks call for different skills and all guests are all given a way to express themselves, be it through the food or through the stories that are shared at the table.

Celebrating at the table invites people to break out dinner party habits, play with food and inspire them to explore the wealth of the environment in which they live.

Text by Sprout.
Images by Magda Majnusz.

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