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Sprout. is a food-based lifestyle magazine that invites readers to be mindful about what feeds us.

Sprout. hopes to stimulate people to enjoy and share honest, real and delicious food.

Sprout. shares global inspiration and insights to showcase what is going on in the ever changing world of food.

Sprout. feels that food is best discovered through travel. Context, tradition, rituals, culture and people add meaning to ingredients. New places provide new experiences, sensations, flavours, tastes and colours.

Sprout. is curious to see what drives the people behind the food. Sharing stories is the basic component for each and every memorable meal.


Sprout. is a food-based lifestyle magazine that invites readers to be mindful about what feeds us. Food is an integrated and indispensable part of who we are as human beings. It connects us, to each other and to the earth we live on. Food nourishes us, brings us entertainment and gives us pleasure.


Sprout. looks to the future of eating, explores possibilities, finds inspiration and creates experiences.


Sprout. is created by people who share a curious outlook on the world.

Anouk is a visual thinker and storyteller. With a strong interest in the global visual culture, she spends her days surfing on the web, visiting fairs and exhibitions and listening to people; always looking out to find new developments in design, fashion, art, architecture and technology.
Over the past years she has worked across the different disciplines of material design, research and graphic design. Within these disciplines her focus has been on the areas of trend forecast, creative concepts, strategy, insight and innovation.
Next to her work as a trend analyst, she develops her own designs, focusing on material innovation.

Zepha is excited about (social) design, well-being, sustainability and (digital) culture. Her roots lie in social studies and she has a special interest in things that people create. As a trend researcher she likes to observe – her brain is always on, wondering and analysing. She wants to know what drives people. Zepha is an idealist. She believes our future is bright and likes to look ahead and research sustainable possibilities for the now. Ideas that benefit us all, our minds, our bodies and the earth.
As a lecturer in trend research she likes to evoke curiosity and question the status quo.

Over the past years, Jasmijn has developed a passion for photography. She has a special interest in staged and travel photography, this last category being a perfect match with her other passion: discovering new places. Whenever she has the chance, she travels to foreign destinations to capture people and their surroundings.